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Dengue Fever - funky Cambodian rock!

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Arcade Fire - Dream Baby Dream w/ David Byrne HD @ Barclays, night3

Magical!  I was here for this and it will be one of my most memorable concert moments <3<3<3

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Wes Anderson Cinemagraph GIFs

Fluent in the bizarre, kitschy and delightful, filmmaker Wes Anderson has dazzled audiences with his whimsical, avant-garde productions for years now. The cinemagraph, as we’ve shared recently, is the perfect way to behold the rich aesthetic of a Wes Anderson still without entirely sacrificing the dynamic movement of the scene.

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Way cool

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MoaM? Ms. Yvonne from the Octopus Project on theremin! Birdstuff plays drums wearing part of his drum kit on his head

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Came across this in s3 #rad #80s #bonesbrigade #kennypowers

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Easter Island. I don’t wanna go back. Need a Rapa Nui to adopt me :)

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Deltron 3030 - Clint Eastwood encore what??!

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Deltron 3030 late show. Too good

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Ms. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings!